Thursday, 16 October 2014

Teaching by Stealth - My top Tips!

Teaching by stealth is something many of you have heard me refer to before I am sure but it is something that has been invaluable to me so I thought I would expand on the idea a little more and turn it into information that would make sense to everyone!

A brief description -

Teaching by stealth is imparting information, encouraging learning and curiosity, and presenting interesting new opportunities to children, that are cleverly disguised as fun activities (which are actually fun).

For me there is an added layer to teaching by stealth because my son is demand avoidant and will generally refuse to do anything if it was a) not his idea and b) if it does not coincide with his current interests.

So, here you go, my top tips, for teaching by stealth.

Focus on what they love and expand on it!

  • create a simple word search of characters names
  • have a drawing competition
  • send the characters to the shops with some money and list of items to buy
  • make your own jigsaw puzzle
  • play with your children and let them teach you what they know
  • help them research the history/development of their chosen interest
  • find someone who is more knowledgeable than you are and make a connection with them on behalf of your child
  • use paper mache to create something from a show/game
  • encourage them to use pixel art/Minecraft to create their own scenes and stories
  • make your own board game
  • use instruments to create a unique soundtrack and storyline
  • make masks and costumes and play-act together
  • make your own finger puppets and put on a show
  • use their current interest as a theme for charades
  • play hangman using their theme
  • send their favourite character on a round the world trip and plan their journey
  • use the internet and find out as much as you can and drop tid-bits of new information into conversation
  • write a quiz and have a prize for a certain number of correct answers

I hope they give you some new ideas to get more out of the time you spend with your children and to help them get more out of what they love.

N x

PS - I just came across a great list of recommended reading for those interested in learning more about relaxed home schooling.

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