Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Some of our favourite resources!

It occurred to me that this might be useful.

This is a list of things that we do together more than twice per week.

  1. Snap
  2. Top Trumps
  3. Mario Kart Wii
  4. DJ Hero
  5. Angry Birds
  6. Scrabble
  7. Game of Life
  8. Monopoly Junior
  9. A Harry Potter Diagon Alley game.
  10. Battleships
  11. Mastermind (with the coloured pins)
  12. Pokemon
  13. Trampoline
  14. Cards
  15. Draughts
  16. Hangman
  17. Eye Spy
  18. A few games Hannon knows from Beavers.
  19. Jenga
  20. Pictionary
  21. Charades
  22. Matching Pairs
  23. Freecell
  24. Spot the Difference
  25. Jigsaws
  26. Cooking
  27. The Park
  28. Crafting
  29. Face painting
  30. Hama Beads

And the list goes on (I realise) so I'm going to stop there!

This list comprises of games that are played by many different combinations of my household, and friends, for varying lengths of time.

It looks like a lot.
But it isn't.

We have lots of fun learning and growing together.

N x


  1. Every family should have a list like this, so that when a child says they are bored, they can look at the options that are available to them. Spending quality time like this as a family is so much more rewarding than sitting in front of the tv. I'm going to compile our own family list of shared activities now. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. In that case, I look forward to getting some new ideas from your list! :-) You can never have enough resources...although, you can run out room to store them!