Friday, 13 May 2016

Such good times!

It is important to write about the good times.

The past weeks have been so full of good times that I've not really had much time to take stock.

Tonight I did though.

I realised we have such a roll going right now that it is heart-warming and inspirational.

We have what I can only describe as a 'circle of happiness'. It works very simply....always be kind. That's it. If we are kinder to each other, we genuinely and actively live in a way that is kinder to ourselves. Happy people are kind people...don't you think? Are you more or less likely to do kind deeds if you are happy: or sad: or angry: or simply disinterested? You see my point.

Happiness breeds happiness if we all act on it. Easy.

Here's some happy for you!

Dominik has had an unprecedented number of hits on his YouTube channel and he is simply happier than I have EVER seen him before. He has over 100 subscribers now. He has had over 35,000 views of one particular video (which is not even a gaming video!).

It is lovely to see his joy, ease, calm, and more joy!

He now has two people collaborating with him too! They both lives overseas so collaboration presents some challenges. Plus, his collaboration tool kit is non existent. However, Dominik has just completed his first ever international collaboration. At 11 years old! He did it all with masses of support. He is so proud of himself. He is loving what he is doing. He is genuinely feeling inspired and motivated. He even began drawing on the pc today and made his first ever animation. It was excellent. I'll see if he wants to upload it I think.  :-)

He has also -
joined us on holiday
been to a Vintage Gaming Fair
been for two picnics
been to the cinema
been to a local fete on a sweltering day
been to Legoland
and finally met up with friends at a COUNTRY PARK!!!!

This is just the last three weeks. It is stunning in it's incessantness (is that a word...don't think so). Just exhilarating to be a part of.

Hannon, in addition to the above, has just been to his first ever camp. I honestly never thought this would happen. He has never spent one night away from me voluntarily. Not even to my mum's house which is less that 5 minutes away. This is a major achievement for Hannon. And he loved it. Bonus! He cannot wait to do one next month. He is happy and motivated like Dominik. What more can you ask?

Lily has also done all of the above, and stayed at my mum's house for two nights in a row (one was a sleepover with her two younger cousins) so as Dominik, Harriet and I could be alone (because it basically never happens). How thoughtful and kind of my incredibly sensitive, intuitive little girl. Her moods have wobbled at the extreme ends of the spectrum as a result of how intensely she has been pushing herself but I know she happier now than she was at the start of the week so that's what counts. She is happier. She is loving having her own laptop so she can play pc Minecraft. She has been using scratch to make animations which are really funny and so well drawn. I should ask Lily to upload too I think. That will make her happier too.

Happiness is simply contagious. There is a caveat just have to actually be happy for it to work. If you are not being honest with yourself about what you want and how best to achieve it, you can't be truly happy and therefore the happiness will not spread as easily.

Harriet is just happy. (She is also still a mountaineer.) She graduated to climbing ladders in parks this week! She is calling me now. She is loving learning how to sign. We are doing animals this week and we've found that dolphins are easily signed and remembered after she saw a video of them. She is so independent and headstrong (yup, another one) and so much fun. She receives so much love from her siblings and I think she brings it to herself simply by just 'being'. We can learn a lot from babies. They are so pure. She is just one tiny bundle of love.

Thanks for reading.

N x


  1. I've just found your blog, and what a good find :) We've just been talking about kindness today, the boys & I, and it cemented a realisation that it is possibly the most important thing for me...that we are kind to each other x

  2. Hi Carly,

    Thank you so much for your feedback.

    Kindness first and everything else follows.

    N x