Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Just wanted to drop a quick note to you all to wish you a peaceful and love filled Christmas.

This year the build up in our house has been unusual to say the least.

I opened their lists as usual, after Halloween, and closed them at the beginning of December. I had one request from Hannon and that was it!

It seems that this year, my kids achieved the ultimate goal of being satisfied with what they already have.

If someone had ever even suggested to me that my children would have empty Christmas lists I would never have believed them. But, this year, they did and it has made me very happy.

Domink, who usually struggles to hold it together at all at this time of year is positively chipper! He tried ice-skating this week (!!!), has been fully participating in his parkour classes and even having an extra half an hour, one-to-one tuition every week (and loving it)! He has been exercising AT HOME DAILY!!! (Those of you who have less than athletic children will understand the enormity of that one thing alone!) He is not fighting it. He has not refused to do them once in over a week! He is even beginning to notice his appearance changing as he slims down, livens up and feels more positive about his self-image for the first time since he was a small boy.

He has only asked one question about what Christmas presents he is going to get and I answered it. He has yet to ask any more. This is bordering on the twilight zone right now!! He hasn't even been opening his Advent Calendar!! Incredible.

I had no idea that this was possible for Dominik. To see him happy, content, cheerfully optimistic, participating and enjoying life is the greatest feeling ever!

Although, one other thing does come close! Some of you may remember that last year he drew me a Toothless (from 'How to Train Your Dragon'), well, this year, he bought me one!!! He didn't even make me wait until Christmas to have it!! He bought it for me with his own money and at his own suggestion. What a feeling this is.

So, I guess I just wanted to say that working with your children, allowing them their space and thinking time, really can elicit great changes. I have truly practiced gentle parenting this year with great success. Harriet I think has been largely responsible for that blessing. And, as a result, my son (in particular and only highlighted because of this particular blog post) is growing into a delightful young man. He is always searching for ways to better manage himself and identify his own needs and he more often than not, does the right thing what given the chance to do so. What a little star.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone.

On to 2016!

N x

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